What Is PopUp?

What Is

A library of real-time up-to-date social media information from industry leaders & players across the globe

Who We ARe?

Who We Are?

Popup plus is an indigenous developed solution with unique insights and appreciation of Botswana market, It is developed by the elite software engineers minds in Botswana & best PR & marketing strategists in the country.


Why PopUp?

PopUp is Botswana’s only content aggregation platform which provide insights to drive marketing. It's benefits are Research, Insights on trends per sector and Analytics - can be a guarding principle on the performance of the brand campaigns, PR strategies, Brand Activations and any other social media influenced strategy

Why Us?

Why Us?

We are passionate game changing team that is determined to change the marketing & advertising & PR landscape for the 21st century. We are a leading digital agency in Botswana that specializes in social media management & monitoring.
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